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Pest infestations are not something to joke about. Some ants or earwigs around the house may become a constant annoyance, but other major pests like termites, rodents and woodworms can bring down your house. If there are pests in your home, you could end up paying a lot unless you nip them at the bud, before they harm you or your family.

What kind of pest control is right for you?

Do you know what service you are looking for?
Particularly gruesome rodents and large colonies of cockroaches or termites will need a potent chemical cleaning. It is best for you and your family to leave the house for a couple of days till our experts advice it is completely safe for habitation after a pest control session.

If you do not prefer the chemical pest control, and your problem can be treated, we have Herbal pest control solutions too! Especially you have small children or pests in your house. Commercial pest control might come cheaper but the potent chemicals around the house could accidentally make your babies sick. Eco friendly pest control is best as they use no toxic substances like peppermint acrylic.

What is the service you need?

Don’t be fooled by the blanket services you find at most commercial pest control. Call our helpline and tell us what your problem is. Depending on your problem, we will customize the right solution for you.

We provide the following services:

  • 1. Termite Control and Deemak Control: Soil-applied liquid termiticides and similar chemicals will create a very long lasting barrier of chemicals, eliminating their population.
  • 2. Cockroach Control: our eco-friendly pest control service will use nepetalactone or some similar, non-toxic substance to make your home roach free.
  • 3. Bed bugs Control: Pyrethrins flush out bed bugs from hiding and kill them, and since it affects the areas you use physically, our experts will guarantee your protection.
  • 4. Residential Pest Control
  • 5. Herbal and Eco-Friendly Pest Control

What does a Residential pest control service cost me?

Depending upon what your problem is, we will give you a free assessment. You can call our helpline or drop an email to check price for pest control. Our helpline for pest control 24x7 will work round the clock to give you a customized solution for your house. We guarantee you complete termination with our best pest control services.

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