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Apart from the ways that can be used to control them, pests can also be classified according to their biology. There are various types of pests, each with its own breeding grounds and the various diseases which they can cause. Below, we have described some of the most common types of pests which are familiar to everyone.

Ants Ants are related to wasps and bees and are eusocial insects. They have the ability to inhabit almost all types of terrains. In spite of its small size, ants usually invade in groups and can cause major damage to food and wooden materials.

Fleas & Ticks Fleas are wingless, external parasites which live on the blood of both mammals and birds. Their mouths are specially adapted for the purpose and their bites can leave the area infected and swollen.

Cockroaches Cockroaches are popularly known as one of the oldest of all living creatures on earth. Their ability, to adapt to various environments is phenomenal. It is one of the most difficult pests to control and requires special treatments.

Termites Termites come under the family of cockroaches. They can eat away wooden furniture and other materials at an alarmingly fast rate.

Rodents Rodents include rats, mice, raccoons, etc. They are some of the most effective carriers of germs and diseases. Since they are also bigger in size than the other pests, they often cause higher nuisance.

Insects The category of insects includes bed bugs, crickets, mosquitoes, etc. Of them, mosquitoes are the most commonly available variety, especially in hot and humid areas. They cause a range of deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, etc.

The above are just a few types of pests which can invade properties. Each requires a specific Pest Control Measure to be taken for its removal. This is where the importance of an effective inspection comes to play.

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